Friday, December 26, 2008


Today I went to my doc appointment and left totally pissed, I'm so to the point of being done. I'm so sick of walking like I'm 90 years old, it takes me 20 mins to switch sides in bed, I can't sleep at night and the list could on and on. Anyways my doc said everything looks good(but didn't "check" me) and asked if I wanted to go past my due date and I was like duh heck no!, so he was reading my chart and said my due date was January 19th I'm like um no it's the 16th so this whole time I was told wrong and that few days makes a huge difference, I just waned to cry. He finished measuring and said well feels like you got a big boy in their and next next weeks appt we will talk about when to have him(so possible January 10th). I really want to go on my own but not if that means going over my due date. Cross your fingers that I will go on my own or have him on the 10th :)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Get together

We got together with Dan's dad and brother's last night to hang out and exchange presents.

Calder and Ryken

Jordan was too sad to open his present, he fell of Brosnans bed and his his head on a dresser.

What a cutie(but really a monster ha ha!!)

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Check this website out, it sends Thank you cards to our Troops.

Thank you my little bro for keeping us safe, we love and miss you so much.

5 Weeks

Wow it's down to the wire I can't believe I have 5 weeks until my precious Luke will arrive. I went to the doctor's on Tuesday and everything looks good other then I'm not dilated at all nor thinning out(sorry if too much info). For a little while I did have a feeling that he might come early but now that I hear that I now get the feeling that he will come right on time or late YIKES!! I'm so done being pregnant but then I don't want to be induced because I want to see if my labor will be easier and shorter if I just go on my own(cross your fingers).

Jordan and Ryken are getting excited as well and ask me all the time about him, they love to kiss and talk to my belly. The other day I told Ryken that he needed to be a little more quite and he said why mom is Luke sleeping? ha ha!! he is so cute. I'm just about done with the nursery and then I will post some pictures.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Early Present

Sweet for me, my wonderful husband got me an early Christmas present. Our bedroom was really boring and low key before and we had the headboard and dresser for 7 years so we decided to get a new one. I also got a new comforter set and we will start painting and putting up decorations, I'm so freaking excited. I will be sure to post pics along the way.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Gingerbread House

We have really fun night at Grandma Ann's house tonight, she invited us all over for pizza and then to make Gingerbread houses. All the boys had fun decorating them and getting all messy but by the end of the night some of the house started to fall apart. We also had a blast watching Home Alone, all the boys were laughing pretty hard but Ryken was laughing the hardest he thought everything was funny.

Thanks grandma Ann for a fun night!!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Santa 2008

Yesterday I took the boys to visit Santa at the South towne Mall, we got there right in time and we were second from being cut off(Santa lunch break) so there was one family behind us and then couple minutes later I look back and there was a mom with two kids that decided to sneak in as if they wouldn't notice, well they did and they talked to her and she was totally like I'm not leaving and give me a break the worker tried to explain that there are certain hours and they are posted and Santa takes breaks. This lady would not give up and pulled out a stupid sob story saying that she was in line right when they cut of off(which she totally was not even around) and that she had to hurry and get to work and was having a bad day and then she started crying, she was so dramatic is was hilarious, she ended up getting through and didn't even tell the workers thank you.

Anyways the boys did good with Santa they totally act all excited to see him but when we got there they get all shy. Jordan told Santa he wants a blue light saber and other Star wars toys and Ryken wants a yellow light saber and then just wouldn't talk anymore. The picture turned out ok they look scared but really they were fine. After that was all done Ryken put is hands out and said Where is my yellow light saber? so for the rest of the day I tried to explain to him that we just give Santa some ideas and we would need to wait until Christmas to see what he brings, Ryken was totally confused.

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Late Friday night I started not feeling to good and thought that maybe I was getting sick from the food I ate earlier(Panda Express) so all through the night my stomach was hurting but I kinda just slept through it and then it continued throughout Saturday, Danny and Ryken also eat Panda Express and they were not sick and by evening I couldn't handle it anymore so Danny took me to the hospital( thanks Anderson's for watching our boys). I got all checked in and hooked up so they could check on Luke, it ended up that I was having contractions which I felt really stupid but I was induced with both of my boys and then on a epidural so I didn't feel any contractions when I has them. Anyways I was having contractions partially due to because I was dehydrated and I'm getting to the end(7 weeks left) that night I came home and slept 15 hours it was wonderful. Luke is perfectly fine I just need to relax more and drink lots of water. I have been having a feeling that Luke might come early but I don't want him to come too early.

Downtown lights

Friday night we had a fun night out with our friends the Anderson's and rode the trax downtown to see the Christmas lights and the temple and Gateway. The trax was a little crowded on the way down and we had to stand the whole way but luckily the kids did ok, once we got downtown we all bundled up and walked around looking at the awesome lights and just enjoyed the atmosphere and each others company. After we walked the temple grounds we walk to the Gateway and saw the huge Christmas tree that was lit with multiple colored lights and just hung out, it was a fun night.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wonderful Husband

I just have to brag and tell everyone what an amazing husband I have, he is the most thoughtful and caring person I known. I'ts been a couple months since his shoulder surgery and it still hurts him pretty bad but he still does a lot around the house and with the boys(probably way too much) and here I am 32 weeks pregnant and feel lazy as heck and have been slacking on house duty and other things and my wonderful husband does not complain at all and just goes with the flow. Danny has been so good to me while I have been pregnant, he gives me a massage seriously every night and gets bubble baths ready for me, he takes the kids at night so I can just chill and relax. Last night while he was filling my car with gas I was home putting the boys to bed and I slipped and fell down the stairs and basically did the splits and landed pretty hard on my butt, right away I was sore and could tell I pulled and muscle in my inner thigh so when he got home he massaged my leg and kept making sure I was ok. The point I'm saying is that I have the best husband in the world and not to mention he is freaking HOT!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Movie Night

We had a very fun movie night with our friends the Fitch's, we were able to preview the new movie "BOLT"(in 3-D) is was a very cute movie the kids really liked it.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Had to Post

So today Jordan walked up and said Mom baby Luke is getting really big and when it's time you have to push REALLY hard, and it will be the hardest thing you will ever do. Oh my heck I was laughing so hard, he is the funniest little 4 year old I freaking love him to pieces.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


So you all know that we are expecting our third boy, well heck lets just add another to the bunch, my sister in-law Nicole is also expecting her third boy so that means we will have 6 crazy Whitney boys running around. Where are all the girls? don't get me wrong I'm very happy to have three healthy handsome boys but I wouldn't mind have a precious girl.

Free for a year!!!!

Last week I was insanely crazy and slept out at the new Chick Fil-a with Kelli and Jer and Jon Fitch, I was number 27 and made it all through the night and got free Chick Fil-a for a year(first 100 people that stay all night). Mind you it snowed last week and it was freaking freezing and I believe that it was like 29 degrees at night. We all managed to keep warm and just hang out and play games, they feed us dinner and yummy hot chocolate. There was some way crazy people that brought there little kids and I felt so bad for them they just cried the whole time, I even say a couple babies that were like nine months and younger how freaking rude is that? Anyways nothing but great times :)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Someone, Anyone

Lately I feel like I want to start making things and move out of the scrapbooking/ house craft phase. I want to make baby bibs/burp cloths and then if that works out expand from their. I have no clue where to start, I went to Hancock Fabric and tried to have a lady help me but she didn't seem to interested so I left. So what I'm saying is if anyone knows how to make bips and could help me get started I would be extremely happy.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween '08

We had a great Halloween this year, our tradition is to go Trick or Treating at the mall with our cousins and then go to G-ma Ann's Halloween party. Trick or Treating was fun because this year Dan was home to come with us(was out of the country last 2 years) we also had our friends the Fitch's with us. This year was the first year that the boys went Trick or Treating out in the neighborhood and the boys had a blast and came home with a ton of candy. We all had a great time at G-ma Ann's party and played all night, we got home around 11:00 and the boys went straight to bed only to wake up a few hours later throwing up(yes both got sick) so we had a very long night with sick boys.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Preschool parade

Jordan had his preschool parade yesterday and did a good job walking around being Indiana Jones, they had a fun filled day celebrating Halloween and came home with a bunch of candy.

Had to go again

The Haunted forest was awesome and I just had to take my my sister in-law Kelli who hates haunted houses, so Jamie and I took her last night and had a blast. Here are some funny pictures.

We just had to take a pic with these hilarious 12 year olds.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Haunted Forest

Last night Dan and I went to a haunted house with our friends the Fitch's, we stopped and ate some dinner at JCW'S in Lehi and sat around at talked and then headed to the Haunted Forest in American Fork. We did the out and indoor haunted house for 20 bucks, the Haunted forest was freaking awesome and well worth the money I have not had that much fun in a long time but I would not recommend Peggie's going to a haunted house, I seriously peed my pants and was laughing so hard I could barley walk. Dan just laughed at me the whole time and Jon just kept scaring Jamie and I all night, my hubby was a troop and suffered with his still very sore arm that I grabbed onto and few times but we had a great time and will for sure go again next year.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I love my Sweet Boys

I just wanted to say that I love my amazing little boys, they have been so wonderful and helpful this last week while I have been sore and wanting to just rest. Jordan and Ryken are so excited to meet baby brother Luke that they seriously ask at least once a week when Luke will be with us, I tell them sometime after Christmas but I know that's hard for them to understand.
I can only imagine what Luke it going to look like, we are all so excited.
I'm very blessed to have all boys in my family who I know will love and protect there mommy ( This includes my wonderful husband who has been awesome even though he is still in extreme pain from surgery).

Monday, October 27, 2008


I just want to scream like crazy, why is it when one person asks you a question it seems to be followed by a million others asking the same question. I swear last week the question of the week was how are feeling/when are you due? and when I answered that I'm not due until January people were like really you have that long? I kept getting told that I look big for how far along I am which doesn't help because I have been feeling like crap and have been extremely soar sometimes to the point where I can barley walk. I think that I need to go to a Chiropractor and get checked out, after I had Ryken my pelvis and hips would hurt a lot and come to find out that my pelvis was out of place(one leg was longer then the other) and that was what was causing my pain and I'm thinking that it could be the same pain I'm having now. If you go by weeks I only have 13 weeks until my due date but for some reason if I say I'm due January it seems forever away, I think it will start going by fast with all the Holidays coming and next thing I know my sweet precious Luke will be here.

I don't mean to sound so negative and want everyone to know I thankful that people care about me(just don't ask so many questions that make me feel fat ha ha!!).

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happy Birthday

Wow!! I can't beleive that my sweet little Jordan is 4 years old today. We are so blessed to have him in our life, he makes us laugh and smile everyday and is a joy to have in our family. Jordan is a great big brother and I know he will do great with Luke.
We love you Indiana Jones ha ha!!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pregnancy Tag

1- Where were you when you first found out you were pregnant?
With Jordan I just had a feeling to I took a pregnancy test at home.
Ryken: sad to sad but can’t remember but he was planned
Luke: at home and my cousin called with the results.

2-Who was with you?
Jordan: Dan was (watch sports)
Ryken: Dan
Luke: by myself

3-How did you find out that you were pregn​ant?​
Took pregnancy tests with first two.
Luke: I was just not feeling like myself and went to the doctors to take multiple tests and found out I was pregnant.

4- What was your first​ react​ion to findi​ng out you were pregn​ant?
Jordan: I was really nervous because he wasn’t planned and we were only married 4 months.
Ryken: Happy (he was planned)
Luke: Shocked

5-Who was the first​person you told?
​My husband

6-Did you plan to get pregn​ant?
Jordan no and Ryken Yes
Luke: kinda

7-Was everybody happy​for you?
Yes, but they also thought I was crazy for having the first two so close in age(16 months apart)

8-Did you want to find out the sex?
Yes, anyone that knows me knows that I have to find out ASAP!

9-What was the sex?All three boys

10-Did anyone​ throw ​you a baby showe​r? Who?
Just with Jordan

11-Did you get any outfits​ts at the baby showe​r that you just knew you weren​'​t going​ to put on your baby?
Can’t remember too long ago

12-How much weigh​t did you gain?
Jordan: 30 pounds
Ryken: not sure because Jordan was only 7 months when I got preggie with Ryken and I didn’t lose all the weight with Jordan yet.
Luke: not even keeping track

13-Did you lose​ all of the weigh​t that you gaine​d?
​NOPE! I’m still a fatty

14-Did you get a lot of stret​ch marks​?
​Yep!! Whadda ya do?

15- What did you crave the most? Anything weird?
Jordan: nothing really
Ryken: Leatherbys Ice cream
Luke: same as Ryken

16-Who or what got on your nerve​s the most?
I think myself; it would drive me nuts that it took so long just to switch sides while in bed.

17-Did you have any compl​icati​ons durin​g your pregnancy?
Jordan: I had to take stress tests and montor my heartbeat
Ryken: No
Luke: Not so far

18- Where​ were you when you went into labor​?
​I was induced with both and waiting on the third.

19- Did your water​ break​?
not on its own.

20- Who drove​ you to the hospi​tal?
Dan drove me to the hospital both times.

21- Did you go early​ or late?
Jordan was a week late and Ryken a week early.
Luke: ?

22- Who was in the room with you when you gave birth​?
Just Dan, the nurse, and the doctor, both times.

23- Was it video​taped​?
Um yuck no!!!

24- Did you have any drugs​ for the pain?
Absolutely I’m a huge wuss.

25- What was your first​ react​ion after​ giving​ birth​?
Just cried my eyes out and was extremely tired.

26- How big was the baby?
Jordan: 9 lbs
Ryken: 7 lbs 2oz
Luke: ?

27- Did your Husba​nd cry?

28- What did you name the baby?
Jordan Dallin Whitney
Ryken Daniel Whitney
Luke ? Whitney

29- Did the baby have any compl​icati​ons?
Jordan was born with low plattlets and was in the NICU.
Ryken: no
Luke: ?

30- How old is your baby today?
Jordan: 4
Ryken: 2 ½
Luke: 27 weeks in tummy

31- When is the next one comin​g?
Preggie right now

32-​If you could​,​ would​ you do it all over again​?​
Never say never

I tag anyone that feels like remembering their pregnancies!

Happy Birthday Ann


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Halloween Picture

Every year the Whitney cousin's get their pictures taken together, they did a awesome job and we were able to get a good picture.

Jordan: Indiana Jones
Ryken: Pirate
Brosnan: Boba Fett(Star war's)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Scarecrow Festival

Good times at the Scarecrow festival with the Anderson's and Fitch's.