Sunday, July 18, 2010

Luke's 18 month appt

I can't believe our Luke man is 18 months, he has grown up so fast but we have enjoyed every little moment. Luke is our sweet calm baby who is always smiling and giving hugs, he loves playing with his big brothers, likes to wrestle and play outside. Right now he only says a few words(wow, dog, dada) but if he's around a dog or a baby he will jabber like there is no tomorrow. Luke is now old enough for nursery and LOVES it!! Everyday he amazes us, he is a very smart boy and although he doesn't talk much he now how to tell us what he wants, often times he will let you know he is tired and point to his bottle and then wait by his crib to to bed, he also feels that he can get into the pantry and grab what he wants and then will wait by the highchair. I often get asked if Luke is my baby, with is beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes I'm very proud to say YES!! I love that my three boys look different from each other and knowing that they have a little piece of Dan and I in them. Luke bring a calm sense to our family and we couldn't have been more blessed to have him in our family.

31 3/4 inches
27 pounds

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Disneyland 2010

We decided to take a family vacation before Dan starts school this August(for his MBA), so we decided to go to DISNEYLAND!!! the original plan was the 5 of us and my mother-in law and her husband but sadly they weren't going to make it but she so graciously offered to take work off and watch Luke while we went. So the tickets were bought the car was packed and we said a tearful goodbye to our baby and hit the road at 4:30 a.m(June 13-17th) the boys and I slept all the way to St. George but once there it went down hill, I woke up with a very sharp headache but it went away as quickly as it came and then all of the sudden I felt nausea's and extremely dizzy, I opened the door and about fell out my head hurt so bad along with blurry vision and dizziness. We sat there for a minute(while I was bawling) and decided to go to Insta-care but they suggested I go to the hospital so long story short I was in the hospital for 4 hours and it was determined that I had Vertigo ( a type of dizziness , where there is a feeling of motion when one is stationary), and all I could think was that I was ruining our vacation :( so 4 hours later I was determined to make it to California but on top of that delay we ran into major traffic and our DVD players wouldn't work oh my it was awful but to our amazment the boys were so good.

We arrived 16 hours later and were very tired, I was given medicine for the Vertigo but did not feel 100% but I was determined to have a fantastic time, the boys loved Disneyland but were a little on the scared side and refused to go on a lot of the rides, our first ride was Pirates of the Caribbean which scared them a little but were pumped for other rides and to see Mickey. We did the 3 day hopper pass and had equal fun between the parks, I really wanted to take them on splash mountain but they refused although they did go on space mountain and only because we had no idea what kind of ride it was ha ha you should have seen there faces. We all had a fabulous time but sure missed our Luke.