Friday, March 9, 2012

Disney on Ice:Toy Story

So the latest toy Luke has been into is Buzz and Woody, he LOVES Toy Story so when I heard Disney on Ice was coming to town and that it was Toy Story I just knew that I have to take him so I made a mommy and Luke date night out of it. I told him about it but I don't think he fully understood until the minute we walked into the ESA and glory all around we where surrounded by Toy Story stuff and Luke was so happy, we got a program and toys and headed to our seats and were pumped that we were on the 7th row front and center and then it started and I was just watching his face and his reaction and he was in heaven :) we had a blast just the two of us and Luke can't stop talking about it. Now that he has seen the show he wants to add to his collection of toys he has...Buzz, Woody, Jesse, Hamm, Slinky, bullseye and now wants Rex and the army guys. I love when Luke likes something because when he does his whole heart is in it, I love this kid.