Monday, March 3, 2008

Why are people weird?

Okay, so I was at a store called Hobby Lobby(Kinda like Roberts) shopping with the boys. I had stuff in the cart, so the boys were walking along side me. My hyper-active Ryken then decided he needed to be a step ahead. Before I could finish getting half way through the ailse I was on, he would be on next aisle over. Each time I would call after him, "Ryken please stay by mommy."One time I called after him, I heard a lady say the same thing I was saying to Ryken, but in a more demanding voice. I was like, "Um, ok that's weird," but just kept shopping. A few minutes later Ryken did the same thing, and again I repeated "Ryken please stay by mommy." And then it happened again. This same weird lady said "Ryken, get back by your mom right now! You know better than that. You need to stay by the cart." It was so freaking weird that this lady would do that. I was speechless and annoyed. I had many choice thoughts about this wacko, but basically thought "Okay, I didn't know I had a nanny." Who the hell did she think she was talking to my son, that she didn't know from Adam, that way. Why can't people just mind there own business?What a weird day.