Saturday, March 15, 2008

Lot's of things

Ryken wanted to show of this new shirt he got, it says, " Call the vet because these puppies are sick." I thought it was so cute.

Where do I start? I feel like I just want to write everything that happened this last couple of days, so you may think this blog will be really boring. I will start with the fact that I do not miss Junior high at all. The boys and I went to watch Dan and some guys from his work play the Kennedy Jr High basketball team on Thursday( USANA sponsors Kennedy). Just my luck, I happened to sit by a really annoying girl who I wanted to smack. She repeatedly stomped her feet on the bench I was sitting on and then kept making comments that USANA sucks, but it was like a real hatred. To top it off she saw a friend coming from the other side of the gym so she repeatedly said "Linda" (her friend's name) over and over. It must have been over twenty plus times. It didn't help that she was practically yelling in my ear. Everytime Kennedy scored all the girls would scream really loud. It was that really piercing girly scream. Anyway, they were really annoying and I'm not looking forward for that stage for my boys. ( I also have to mention that Dan's chrurch tream won the region championship, but not before a guy from the other team called him a bastard. Kinda funny ha ha!! If someone called me that I would be all in their face, but my husband is wonderful, and just kept playing).

Now this is for my sweet Landon. I just have to tell you that Jordan has a trait that you have as well. Every time we leave the house Jordan wants to race. Well, I was beating him and all the sudden he stops and starts crying because I was winning and he was losing. In that very moment I thought of Landon, and was like "Oh great, we have another person that freaks out if he doesn't win." I just hope that Ryken won't adopt that trait also. Love you Landon.

Also, this week I purchased photoshop. I was stoked, although I have not clue how it works. I sat on the computer last night for over an hour and got no where. I think I will have to take a class to learn how to use it. Now I can try to make my pictures perfect like Tiff's.


Kelli and Jeremy Whitney said...

I have faith in you that you can make your pictures as good as Tiff's. I also hope Ryken doesn't cry when he loses. I'm also glad that I'm not in Jr. High anymore, but people around us just kind of make it feel like that sometimes.

Kaarina said...

I found you...Love the sweet pics of your boys!