Sunday, March 9, 2008

I love it!

I love when my sweet little boys come home from chruch with something that they drew/made. They both are really proud of any art they do. Jordan has to show everybody and then he will immediately hang it on the fridge.

I also love the little quirks that they each have.

Ryken: He has this thing he does with the fingers on his left hand where he will cross them(like you would as good luck) and then will point with it. He also likes to scrunch up his cute little nose when he laughs.

Jordan: He has a habit of copying his cousin Brosnan when is comes to his "language." The phrase he copies most is "why cause!" So if ask Jordan any question, he will usually respond by saying "why cause," it is hilarious. Another thing I love is Jordan loves to sing. His favorites songs right now are "No One" by Alicia Keys, and a chruch song I think is called "I love to see the Temple." He has the cutest little voice.

As much as the little turkeys stress me out, I would not change it for the world. They definitely keep me busy and on my feet. You would think with all the running around they do I would a skinny ( ha ha!). So I'm thinking of putting Jordan in some active activities. I received a communtuy event book that lists a bunch of things to do. It has come do to a tumbling class, art class, and/or a sports class. I think he will do great in any of them. Now my little Ryken, I have no idea what to do with him. There are no classes for two year olds. He is my busy little bee, who is always on the go. In fact, last night I was watching Beatlejuice and all the sudden here comes Ryken from his room. He jumps on the couch, lays down, puts his hands behind his head and just chills. I asked him what the heck he thought he was doing up at 11:30, and in a little voice with a binky in mouth says, "Watching tv with mommy."

Well enough about the little kids. Dan is still waiting to hear from two other schools(Arizona and U of U) so we still have no idea what we are doing. It seems like so much is riding on this. We would love to expand our family, but it will depends on school. To me it seems that if you want a baby, just have it, but there are a lot of factors that go into it. We would need a bigger vehicle, which I would love. We have paid off our Subaru, so therefore we don't have a car payment, and that makes me want a SUV (a subaru Tribeca). We would also need a bigger place to live, but if law schools happens we wouldn't be able to afford the payments. It makes me sad. I just want a sweet little baby. For now I get my baby fix from our friends, the Fitch's, with there adorable, sweet, little Addison. I will keep you all updated on the law school stuff, and all the other happenings in our life.


Tiff said...

I LOVE your cute little men!! Don't worry, everything will work out the way it should!

Kelli and Jeremy Whitney said...

All I can say is good luck with the law school thing, but I swear I will die if you guys move a way!

The Parks said...

I didn't know that you had a blog. I just wanted to ask if it was okay to add you to my blog list under my friends and family. My address is Hope you are doing well! Your kids are usual!


The One said...

We feel for you guys and the planning for the future. The memories of that are still so fresh to us. Good luck everything will work out. Don't forget Arizona a GREAT school. Hint Hint!