Saturday, March 22, 2008

Guitar Hero

Ryken is addicted to the wii, he wants to play it 24/7 he really like paying guitar hero and little bit of baseball. Ryken had a fun night playing with daddy until 12:30 but was so hyper he didn't want to go to bed, he kept getting out of his bed and playing around and then when I thought he finally fell asleep and went to cover him up and he wasn't in his room so I turned the hall light on and he was just chilling on the couch hiding behind a cushion with a huge smile on his face.

Meanwhile Jordan had his very first sleepover with his cousin Brosnan last night, they were both extremely excited and couldn't stop talking about it. They both planned it while we were at dinner detail by detail of what they were going to do. Jordan kept telling me and Dan that we couldn't come that is was just for him and Brosnan. Uncle Nick called in the morning to tell us that they have a great time and that they slept in a spider-man tent and stayed up playing games and watching movies, he also mentioned that Jordan woke up a couple times saying that he missed us but then quickly went back to sleep. While it was nice only having one little crazy boy I sure did miss him.

Tiff I have to tell ya that the other day I took the boys on a walk and we were heading down your moms street and Jordan says mom lets go play at Drew's house, I said sorry we can't don't you remember that they moved? he said no but I still want to play with him. I thought that was cute, so tell Drew and Kaidence that my boys miss them.


Tiff said...

Oh...that makes me so sad. I wish were still there so you guys could come over and play.
The guitar hero and sleep over makes me laugh. They are getting so big. Only kids do those kinds of things:).

Liz said...

What?! You haven't invited us over for band practice?? j/k I'd love to see them jam out on the Wii. It sounds like a lot of fun.