Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Lunch dates

So the boys and I went to Crystol's yesterday for lunch, which is fine and all other then we are the only two left here in Utah. My boys still had fun playing with Haylie and Ashtin, we even got to walk Haylie to the bus stop and see her off. I can't beleive that from the 7 of us friends that there are only two left on good 'ol Utah. For some of you that don't know these are my friends that I went to Junior high with and also worked with at ARUP. If my memory serves me correct Nicole is the first one to move and lives in North Dakota, Treasure lives in Arizona, Mandy has been in Alaska and recently moved to Missouri, Missy also recently moved at lives in Idaho and basically fell of the face of the earth(have anyone heard from her ha ha!) and my wonderful sister lives in Georgia and so that leaves us with me and Crystol how sad is that? I'm hoping that we can plan a lake Powell trip for summer of '09. I love and miss everybody :)


Nik said...

I miss you guys too. I'll be home for a few days in May. My bro. is getting married. May 6-12. We'll hook up.


I had no idea that everyone moved away. Sad for you! For a little bit I lived in Denver and my sis lived in Seattle and it was the hardest year of my life! Good thing you have Crystol. Your boys are so cute.