Sunday, April 27, 2008


Dan and I went to the Jazz game last night with our friends Mike and Liz (and some of their friends). We all meet at Apollo for some good grub and then headed to the ESA. Wow, There were tons of people! That always makes it more fun. Despite needing the equivalent of a short day hike to our seats that were second to the top r0w, it was fun. In fact, it was so much fun that Dan had tears of joy as you can see from the picture (okay, it was just allergies but we really did have a lot of fun). Go Jazz!!!

Jazz 86

Houston 82


Liz said...

Dan is such a sentimental guy. :-) We had so much fun with you, hopefully we go to round two and can have another Jazz date night.

Jamie said...

Looks like you guys were good luck for the Jazz:)

Tiff said...

Fun Fun...we got to listen to the end of the game on line.
I like your purse!!