Sunday, April 20, 2008

Gotta love kids


So the other day I come home and the house/his room wast a disaster (mind you it was clean when I left) so I went around and started picking up and cleaning and then I asked Jordan is he would help put away the things he played with. As usually he started whining and said mom "cleaning is just too hard on me “I said really? ya mom I get headaches, all I could do was laugh and give him a break for being so cute. Jordan has also been in such a creative mood and will be off playing by himself and I will occasional hear him talking and he has quite the imagination, he could be playing with just a couple random toys but be in another world. He is also into Star wars(only because is cousin is) it is so funny he knows more characters then Dan does so whenever Jordan has a question about Star wars Dan tells him to ask his Uncle Nick. Jordan defiantly keeps me busy but is a great help around the house (when he doesn't have a headache ha ha!) and helps with Ryken.


I'm sure some of you know this about Ryken but let me tell you anyways. If Ryken does not get what he wants or when he wants something he will go around and destroy things, and here is the list he will dump the garbage over, rip my plants apart, take out every single movie we have and through them everywhere, he rips all cushions of the couch, will get on top on the kitchen table and just stand there, he throws my decorations around and the list could go on and on but the one that made me mad the other day was he was sitting at the table eating breakfast and started making a huge mess with his food and I kept telling him not to or I would get him down, well he looked right at me and said "NO" and took a full cup of milk and dumped it all over the table. I was like are you freaking kidding me it was everywhere and all dripping down the legs and onto the carpet, oh my gosh I just wanted to scream.



Your boys are too cute. They both look exactly like you!

Tiff said...

That's hilarious! Headaches and toddler tempers are so fun. It looks like you figured out the picture thing, so just ignore my email!

Jamie Fitch said...

Ha! Ha! Where do kids learn this stuff? too funny!

Ryan & Dani Oldroyd said...

That is funny. Brooklynn started acting up when I tell her no too. She started biting and of course I won't let her bite me and so she bites her own fingers. Hopefully she will learn that it hurts and stop doing that. But she also will go find something and just throw it. Don't you love the terrible two's?

The Parks said...

I had a blast at the scrapbook expo! I spent too much money and I think Dave had a heart attack!

Hey, could you let Nick and Nicole know about Dave's BBQ? Or you could just give me their number over my email and I'll call them. Thanks!

Liz said...

You're much better than me, because I might have screamed. :-) It's amazing how kids that come from the same parents are so different from the get go.