Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Big 3-0!!! (Sep 22nd)

I seriously can't believe that I'm 30, I remember even in high school saying/thinking that 30 was so old and now I'm here 30 old and fat blah blah. But thanks to my amazing husband I had a wonderful birthday(that I wanted to skip) so Dan took the whole day off and let me relax, I took a couple naps and ate yummy Chinese food for lunch and then I was off to get a massage and facial(2 hours) and then Dan said after we would go get some dinner, well after my awesome massage I checked my phone and had 7 missed calls and 5 texts so I call Dan and he was way worried because I was gone longer then expected so I rushed home expecting they would be in the car waiting for me to take off and I ran inside and much to my surprise it was a surprise party for me, I was shocked and I hate attention on me but I was Happy the house was decorated and the Dan had cafe Rio food it simply was if that wasn't enough there was a knock at my door and as I turned the corner I FREAKED out!! it was my sister from Georgia, wow did I cry like a baby, I seriously couldn't be happier I have been missing her like crazy and this was exactly what I needed. I owe my husband so much he is the best to me and I love him so much and thank him for a WONDERFUL birthday. Thanks to all my family and friends that came to suprise me :)