Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kids, gotta love them

So it been about 4 1/2 weeks since I had Luke but my sweet boys keep telling me stuff I don't want to hear, I know they are just kids and they don't really mean/know what they are saying but it's still sucks to hear it.

Jordan: Will ask every know and then when our other baby will come out, he will also walk by and (ok I totally stopped typing for a minute because a FREAKING spider just walked across my keyboard YIKES!!). Anyways Jordan will walk past me and pat my stomach and I hate it because it jiggles and he knows what he's doing.

Ryken: The other day Ryken said Mom I'm eating all my food and I'm getting full and my stomach is getting really big like yours.

Seriously why do kids have to be so blunt?


Tiff said...

Ok, first the spider thing is cracking me up. You are so funny.
Second, the boys have no idea what they're saying. You look great, don't let it get to you. Kids are going to say what they want to say no matter the situation.

Jim and Jana Bramble said...

You definitely look great. I love about your boys how frank they are. They make me laugh every time I am around them.

Jamie said...

Cute page!
Duh, you look great! are only 4 weeks post-partum. Give yourself a break:)
You do look great!!!!
Kids are kids:)

The Parks said...

Heck, Dave says things like that all of the time and he knows what he is saying. Carson loves to see my flabby stomach jiggle. He laughes. You look good, don't worry!

jfarnsworth said...

Lol your boys are so cute! My sisters are just like your boys, endless teasing and comments just like that!

The Oldroyd's said...

Ryan loved jiggling my flabby belly after Cameron was born. (I ont he other hand hated it.) Also Abbie once said to me when she was trying to get into my car and squeeze around me. "Dani you have a big belly are you having a baby like my mommy?" (keep in mind Danielle was pregnant with Chase, I was not pregnant.) Kids say things and they really don't understand. When I was pregnant Brooklynn thought every other woman was too. You look good, don't even worry. Also that would freak me out if a spider crawled across the keyboard when I was typing. YIKES!

Liz said...

Kids are funny. Lynette has started having Sarah call her belly a "big fat belly." And when sarah sees my w/o clothes she'll comment on my cute, little.... I think it's really cute. (when they're saying it to someone else of course) ;-)

You do look great, and it's only been 4 weeks.

meg said...

I know how that feels. My kids said stuff like that for a while and Sierra is definately old enough to know better. I used to get really mad, and then realized that wouldn't do any good. Finally I told her that you don't point that kind of stuff out and that it takes Mommy's a while to lose their belly--babies are hard on mommies tummies! I am sure you look like a hottie still--you always do.